This is a music video for the Japanese rock band the Bonez’s “Life”.

This song is based on Jesse(Vo)’s experience of life and death near him, and its something anyone in anywhere in the world can relate to.

We used 2 different techniques in order to get the message across clearly to the audience. 1 is stop motion animation using alphabets: turn alphabets into the words of the lyrics. 2 is type animation over live action: visualize the lyrics into colorful animations over the band performing the song.

We chose the abandoned factory for the location to show the inevitables, the band members’ dressed in white: the color associate with life and death, and the colorful graphic animation is to show the richness of life.







The Bonez Official site:

Live action Director: Magico Nakamura

Design and Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura

Producer: Kota Noguchi ?Air Notes)

DP: Koretaka Kamiike

LD: Gen Kaido ?Office Doing)

Special Thanks: Kaz-One Sakai, Maxim Serizawa [PARADOX]