SVA Year Book 2010 (Short Version)

This is a cut-down version of SVA yearbook 2010 project. It was made for art school : School Of Visual Arts in NY, as the video version(possibly never done before) of the yearbook. The school required to have more than 450 students in it. Moreover, all of the student names must not be misspelled, and having the students coming from all over the world, it was quite a challenge itself. It was one of the craziest project we've had to tackle. From getting equipments, reserve the location, arranging the shooting schedule, actual shooting for 450 students, editing and all the animation for very small budget with few students helping us.
You can also watch the whole movie here:

この作品は、NYにある美術大学School Of Visual Artsの為に制作された、史上初?と思われるビデオ形式の卒業アルバムです。

Direction: Who-fu (Magico + Masayoshi Nakamura)
Concept/Live Action Direction: Magico Nakamura
Motion Graphics Direction/Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura
Shooting Crew: Nicole Fischetti, Matt Kushan, Daeeun Kim, Erican Chung, Kaya Ono, Akira Uchinokura
Motion Graphic Designer: Kaya Ono, Akira Uchinokura
Aditional Compositor: Beryl Chen
Music: Yuuki Ono
Creative Direction: Genevieve Williams