mmbi A More Fun World

This is an image video for mmbi in which they will start multimedia broadcasting service from 2012. The service mmbi will provide is a brand new medium, and it has a lot of potential.
The white box in this movie represents the hardware to receive the contents from mmbi. We try not to constrain into one specific hardware, and try to illustrate the possibility of this becoming various hardware such as cellphone, smart phone, ipad, laptop etc...
Once you open this mmbi box, you will see the brand new world which is filled with fun and makes the real world more fun.
mmbi will make the dream-like world into reality.
これは、2012年春からサービス開始が予定されている「携帯端末向けマルチメディア放送」を提供する mmbi(株式会社マルチメディア放送)の為に制作したイメージ映像です。

Direction: Who-fu (Magico + Masayoshi Nakamura)
Concept / Live action direction: Magico Nakamura
Animation: Masayoshi Nakamura
DP: Jeremiah Crowell
Music : Svoy
Additional Help: Marika Yamaguchi, Akira Uchinokura
Shooting crew: TK Digital